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Love First Coast 2023

In 2023, September will be “Serve the First Coast” month with churches urged to encourage individuals, families, and congregations to do a number of projects throughout the month. For a listing of 60 possible projects, download the document Sixty Ways to Serve the First Coast from this page.

Saturday, September 30th, will be Serve Day. On that day, a host of teams will be launched from hub churches throughout the First Coast to serve in a variety of projects. A time of worship and celebration will be held on Sunday evening, October 1st, at 6:00pm. The location of this service is TBD.


What are the expectations for our church if we register for Love First Coast 2023?

Participation in Love First Coast is simple. Just follow these steps:

  1. Decide to participate
  2. Choose one person to serve as the church’s Coordinator. This Coordinator will register the church and serve as its point of contact for the project.
  3. Promote the event in your church. Churches are encouraged to challenge their church body to live missionally by doing individual and family projects during September. 
  4. Report your projects through the FCC portal. A link to this portal will be provided to the Coordinator following registration. Reporting the results of these projects to FCC will enable our network of churches to celebrate missional “wins.” This celebration will encourage others to follow their lead in serving the First Coast.
  5. Plan one churchwide project for the Serve Day on September 30th. Churches are also encouraged to invite another church or churches to partner with them in their project. Download the document Sixty Ways to Serve the First Coast for project ideas.
How will Love First Coast be structured?

Selected churches will serve as hubs in sectors of the First Coast area. Churches registering for LFC 2023 will have the option of choosing a hub church to connect with or permit the FCC Community Engagement Team to assign the church to a hub in their geographical location.

How will service projects be generated and scheduled?

Churches explore, develop, and fund their own projects based upon the needs in their area and available funding. Churches are encouraged to partner with a Hub Church or other churches in their area to share expenses and human resources for a greater impact.

Will there be a collaborative project for participants to choose?

The one collaborative project in 2023 is the Care Bags for Principals. This is a repeat of the project conducted as part of the Send Relief Tour in 2022. Care Bags will be prepared and delivered to 235 school principals in four counties. This will include North St. Johns and all of the schools in Duval, Clay, and Baker Counties. A separate registration for the team to assemble and deliver the bags will come at a later date. Bags will be assembled on Saturday, September 30th and delivered on Monday, October 2nd.

How do we register our church?

Go HERE to register your church and coordinator. Please provide all of the information requested. A Coordinator’s Guide will be sent to the Coordinator following registration.

If you have questions, email Mike Reed at