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Walter L. Brown

Music Scholarship

Education Assistance

Are you pursuing a degree in the field of music or worship and intend to serve in a church setting?

Did you know that there is a scholarship that you can apply for and, if qualified, received funding toward your college education if you are a member of the Jacksonville Baptist Association church?

The Walter L. Brown Music Scholarship provides funding for those students how are actively seeking their education at an accredited college. 

Mr. & Mrs. Leroy & Iris Brown started the Walter L. Brown Memorial Scholarship Trust almost 20 years ago. Since the inception of the Trust, over $111,000 has been awarded in the form of scholarships to college students studying music / worship arts.  While I’m not able to locate an exact figure for the total number of recipients for the whole timeframe I do know that since 2011 there have been 62 scholarships awarded!  We are looking forward to this year’s application season, which normally opens in mid-March and closes on the last day of May.  However, this year we’re excited to announce that open enrollment will commence tonight!

You can apply today by downloading the application below and emailing it to

The number and dollar amount of scholarships awarded varies yearly and is dependent upon the funds available for distribution.  In a typical year, 5 – 10 awards for $1,000 each are granted.  The scholarship is available to college students who are:

  • A member of a Jacksonville Baptist Association (JBA) church
  • A candidate for a degree at an accredited college or university
  • Pursuing an undergraduate or graduate degree in the field of music / worship arts with the intent to serve in a church setting
  • Going to use the scholarship funds solely for school-related expenditures

Last year we were able to award a total of six $1,000 scholarships to students attending schools in six different states who represented seven JBA/First Coast churches.  Last year was also my first year being involved in the application, review, and decision making process for the awards and it was a joy to spend time with the Worship Pastors who made up the Music Scholarship Task Force.  These Pastors have a true heart for using music as a means to worship our God and a strong desire to see the next generation of future worship leaders being resourced.

If you meet the above qualifications be sure to apply.  If you know someone who meets the above qualifications please be sure to let them know and pass this along.

The deadline to submit complete applications has been extended to April 30th, 2024.

Please email – with any questions you may have or for any assistance you may need with the application.