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Principal’s Care Gifts 2023

What is the Gift Care Project?

First Coast Churches will provide a gift to all principals in Duval, Clay, Baker, and North St. Johns counties as part of Love First Coast 2023. This project will enable our churches to show the love of Jesus to 235 school principals in those counties. Here are some FAQ’s that will assist our churches in understanding the project.

This is the second year that First Coast Churches will provide a gift to our principals on the First Coast. It is an attempt to show and share the love of Jesus with those who serve in public education. The gifts will be packaged prior to the day churches pick up their gifts from the delivery location. Churches adopting schools only have the responsibility of adopting schools, picking up their gifts on the delivery date (September 30), and providing persons to deliver the gifts to their schools during the week of October 2-6.


How can my church adopt schools for delivery?

The process of adoption is very easy. Just follow these steps.

  1. Select a person to serve as the church’s Coordinator for the project.
  2. The coordinator goes HERE to register your church.
  3. When registering the church, the coordinator enters the names of the school(s) the church is adopting. To ensure that all of our schools are adopted, we encourage churches to adopt multiple schools for delivery. Please check the school list to make sure the school(s) you wish to adopt are still available.
  4. An email will be sent to churches confirming their adoption choices.

NOTE: Schools in Clay, Baker, and North St. Johns counties have already been adopted.

When and where do churches pick up their principal gifts?

All gifts will be available for pickup on Saturday, September 30, 9-10am. Here are the pickup locations:

  • Duval County Schools – Aspire Church of San Marco – 1435 Atlantic Blvd – 9-10am
  • Baker, Clay, and St. Johns County Schools – First Baptist Church of Orange Park – 1140 Kingsley Ave – Orange Park – 9-10am
When are the gifts to be delivered to the schools?

Principal gifts should be delivered to your adopted schools sometime during the week of October 2-6.

Are there any suggestions on the gift delivery process?

Here are a few ideas for planning your delivery.

  • If your church does not have a relationship with the principal of the school you are delivering to, it is suggested you call the school office and identify your church and yourself and set up a time to deliver the gift to the principal.
  • Verbally offer the church’s (as well as your personal) appreciation to the principal for their leadership and investment in equipping the next generation.
  • Offer to pray with/for the principal as well as office or teacher personnel who may be present when the delivery is made.