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ReCalibrating Community Engagement

A grocery store near my house is my favorite place to weigh myself.  I go there because I weigh less on that store’s scales than on any of the other scale available to me. I know the scales are wrong, but I refuse to change because weighing there makes me feel better and keeps me from facing the truth that I need to lose weight. If they ever calibrate (or recalibrate) those scales, I will have to face the truth. 

Many of the items we use daily need periodic recalibration to ensure accuracy. These items include smart phones, computers, and GPS navigation systems. Calibration of an instrument is the process of determining its accuracy. The process includes obtaining a reading from the instrument and measuring it against an instrument that delivers the standard. The process is complete when the instrument being calibrated is adjusted to the correct standard.

As ministry leaders, we understand that there are many elements of church ministry that need periodic recalibration, one of which is a church’s engagement process.  If the standard by which we calibrate engagement is Jesus, then we must ask ourselves:

  • How did Jesus engage people with the gospel?
  • What do we learn about our mission as we observe the practices of the early church and the Apostle Paul?
  • How are we (the church) presently engaging our local culture with the good news?
  • What adjustments do we need to make to return to the standard?


Eight Diagnostic Questions

There are eight questions that can assist you in evaluating your church’s present engagement practices:

  1. How does your church presently engage lostness in your community?  
  2. Where have you seen your greatest success?
  3. How is your outreach team structured?
  4. How do you disciple new believers?
  5. What percentage of new members joining your church come as new believers?
  6. If you could change the way you do outreach (evangelism/discipleship), what would you do?
  7. Where do you sense the Holy Spirit is leading you in your engagement efforts?
  8. How can we assist you in your engagement journey?

Question number 8 is where we come in.  We are here to assist you as you evaluate your outreach, structure for the next level, and recruit, equip, and mobilize your team.


One Team, Two Tools

It starts with a team – your church’s Engage Team specifically gifted and prepared to lead the process. We offer two tools that can help you turn the corner in restructuring for evangelism and discipleship.  We also offer coaching as your team works through the process.

The Engage Team Guide provides insights on the who and the how of establishing a team.  The Engage Team Field Manual assists engage teams as they equip and mobilize the church to go with the gospel.  We also provide training for churches who desire to implement a biblical, simple, reproducible, and economical evangelism/discipleship process.


Have Questions?

If you have questions or want assistance in the recalibration process, please contact me by phone (904.727.6800) or email

Missional Strategist

Mike Reed