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Our Vision

Who We Are

First Coast Churches is a collaborative network of SBC churches strategically advancing the gospel of Jesus Christ in Northeast Florida and beyond. As we engage the mission field together, we ask questions, learn, and sharpen strategies that increase our ability to advance the gospel of Jesus Christ. We choose to collaborate because it can’t be done any other way.

Our Mission

Cultivating partnerships that connect the mission force to the mission field every day.

Our Values

We are diverse family of churches together on the mission of Jesus for the First Coast
Mission – Relationships – Diversity

Our Vision

Don’t Pastor Alone.

Our Strategy

We Don’t Pastor Alone. Our strategy to make that possible is four strategic initiatives that guide our decisions and focus our energy on becoming the united community of ministry leaders God is calling us to be.

  • Pastor Wellness Pathway: We want to see healthy pastors because churches need healthy pastors. Healthy pastors need a plan! A Pastor Wellness Pathway is an intentional development process for equipping healthy pastors in three key areas of personal soul care, strong family relationships and effective ministry skill development.

  • Church Planting Pathway: We want to see a region full of sending and supporting churches cooperatively working so that church planters and their families will be able to plant healthy gospel-centered churches. The Church Planting Pathway is a partnership between local churches to develop intentional systems that lead to multiplication through church planting.

  • Church Strengthening Pathway: We want to see a region full of vibrant, gospel-proclaiming, multiplying, and sending churches. The Church Strengthening Pathway is an effort to work with plateaued and declining churches through coaching, consultations, and church partnerships to rekindle the flame in lighthouses across the First Coast.

  • Community Engagement Pathway: We want to see the mission force in every church in our region engage their mission field every day. As followers of Jesus every day is a mission trip. The Community Engagement Pathway is a helpful tool you can use to make it easier to equip and mobilize your church into their mission field every day.