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Community Engagement

My life. God’s Mission. Every day.

Life for a follower of Jesus is a mission trip every day! The goal of FCC is to partner with pastors and churches as they seek to develop and send local missionaries into their very own neighborhood mission fields.

The Community Engagement Pathway (CEP) is a customizable tool that allows every church regardless of size or budget to be more intentional about the local mission efforts.

The CEP begins by assessing a church’s present community engagement activity. Using eight diagnostic questions, any church can easily assess how their plan for engaging unbelievers with the gospel is working.

The Great Commission at street level

The ultimate goal is to see FCC become a network of local disciple making-movements. And disciple-making to be seen as more than knowledge transfer between believers. Instead, disciple-making would result in mission field activity that grows believers and reaches those far from God!

Pathway Overview

  • A Point of Entry – Our 8 Mission Clarification Questions will help you know how best your church can enter the CEP.

  • Community Engagement Tools – Perspective for the journey is provided using the Community Engagement Team Guide and the Community Engagement Team Field Manual

  • Community Engagement Training – The growth and development of your church’s mission force is provided through training modules like Search & Rescue, Gospel Conversations Training, and the annual Community Engagement Summit

  • Community Engagement Mobilization – The focal point for launching missional efforts is through your church’s mission initiatives. FCC does provide strategic collaborative community engagement events like LOVEjax, Community Engagement Huddles, Send Relief and Disaster Relief disaster relief partnerships.

Our Process


Engagement Pathway


  • Engage Team
  • Who? Where?
  • Engage Team Guide
  • Engage Team Field Manual


  • Search and Rescue
  • Gospel Conversation
  • ECoaching
  • EHuddles
  • ESummit
  • Mission Bootcamp


  • Church Engagement
  • LoveJax
  • Disaster Relief & Send Relief
  • EHuddles
  • Missional Expressions
  • Local Missional Initiatives