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Our Leadership Priority Is Strengthening Churches By Serving Pastors

The leadership of the First Coast Churches Team is comprised staff members, pastors, and ministry leaders called to encourage and equip local churches. This team of practitioners with a wealth of experience and education recognized locally and nationally stand ready to serve your church. 

You Can Expect From Our Leadership To…

  • Pray, trusting God will work through our conversations and experiences for His glory.
  • Create network events that make is possible to not pastor alone.
  • Value churches smaller than 200 and larger than 2,000 and everything in-between.
  • Acknowledge each church has a unique expression of gospel ministry.
  • Ask questions and listen before offering solutions.
  • Arrive practically equipped with tools prepared for your unique situation.
  • Bring spiritual insights about the impact your church can make for the kingdom.

Associational Officers


Angel Santiago

Pastor of Iglesia Shiloh

Vice Moderator

Todd Jones

Executive Pastor of First Baptist Middleburg


Albert Byrd

Budget/Stewardship Chairman

Clayton Waugh

Executive Pastor at Chet’s Creek Church

At-Large Member

Dan Santiago

At-Large Member

Jackie Hatcher

Director of Marriage and Family Ministries
Chet’s Creek Church

Looking to serve First Coast Churches?