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Doing Ministry Together

Our Membership Process

If your church is interested in partnering with our diverse family of churches in the First Coast region, please connect with us so we can begin collaborating to advance the gospel of Jesus Christ together.

We have a three-step process designed to help you connect with the association, understand what we do, and find how you can get involved. Read our membership process and contact a team member to get started.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Phase 1: Preparation

To become a member of the First Coast Churches, congregations will need to submit a
covenant application form, the church’s governing documents, and an affirmation of a
Baptist Faith and Message. Churches will attend a new church orientation after which they
will be voted on by the FCC Lead Team (FCCLT). If approved, the church enters the
watchcare phase.

Phase 2: Watchcare

During the watchcare phase, a church will need to contribute to FCC financially and
participate in the FCC Annual Celebration as well as other strategic cooperative activities.
FCC staff will conduct an entrance assessment, an unannounced visit, and an exit interview
to report to the FCCLT. Afterward, the FCCLT will vote again to recommend the church for
full membership or to remove them from the membership process.

Phase 3: Full Membership

At each Annual Celebration, attendants will vote to add new churches to full FCC
membership. Those churches joining FCC will be celebrated and welcomed into full
membership at that point. Once in full membership, a church is bound by regular
membership requirements to maintain its association with FCC.