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Practical Ideas for Pastors During Covid-19 (Video)Dhati Lewis (NAMB – Send Network) sits down with some of the leading church planting practitioners and thought leaders in the nation — Vance Pitman, Ed Kang, Sean Sears, James Roberson and Martín Vargas — to answer your questions about how to practically shepherd your church and continue to fulfill the Great Commission during COVID-19.

Covid-19 Conversation Guide for Re-opening a Church Campus – The Florida Baptist Convention and The Florida Baptist Conference of Associational Leaders have teamed up to produce a very helpful document full of ideas to consider as you plan to re-open your church campus in the future.

The Eight Step Plan to Re-Open the Church – The folks at Leaders.Church have put together a fairly in-depth article with practical suggestions every pastor should think through as social distancing restrictions are lifted at some point in the future and churches are able to meet again in person.

 Lifeway’s Ministry Grid – Follow this link to get free access to a host of training resources from the leadership development team at Lifeway.

Here’s Why You Should Take the CARES Act: One-on-One with Marco Rubio – In this article from Christianity Today, Ed Stetzer interviews Senator Marco Rubio of Florida about reasons why churches should apply for and accept money from the government via the CARES Act.

Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Take the CARES Act: The Church and the Payroll Protection Program – This article provides a well thought out counter-point to Stetzer’s interview with Marco Rubio (above).  We should always weigh both sides of an argument before making a decision. 

Russell Moore Interview with Baptist Press on Religious Liberty, Covid-19, and the Federal Stimulus Package (Facebook Live Video) – In this helpful interview led by Jonathan Howe of the Executive Committee, Russell Moore, President of the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission, provides helpful insight on a host of issues important for pastors and other church leaders during this time.

A Q&A for Churches on Government Restrictions with a Religious Liberty Attorney – There hasn’t been a time in recent memory where pastors needed to be more well versed in these issues.  This article provides answers to five key questions pastors may face in the near future if they haven’t already.  A very helpful resource from the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention.

Help! What Do We Need to Stream the Music Portion of our Worship Service? Here, Lifeway Worship gives some simple steps and helps normative size churches provide worship opportunities for their churches during the Covid Pandemic.

The Top Seven Reasons Everyone Ignores the Online Content You Produce – The title is self-explanatory.  Cary Nieuwhof has provided a great resource to help you think through what you are producing for online delivery during the pandemic and afterward.

The One-Stop Shopping Resource – Follow this link to a great collection of resource links compiled by Will Mancini.  If you can’t find an answer to the question you asking at one of these links, you may be the first one asking it! 

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