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Love First Coast

100K Challenge

The Westside Challenge


To purpose of the LFC100K Challenge is to love and serve the First Coast for 122 days

(September 1—December 31, 2023). This initiative provides churches with an opportunity to experience a community engagement reboot as part of a collaborative effort. The goal is to have a cumulative number of 100K missional “touches” (a touch is one act of mission or ministry to show and share the love of Jesus).


The First Coast target zone is the area West of the St. Johns River (South) and I-95 (North). This zone includes Western Duval, and all of Clay and Baker counties.

The Goal

The goal is to have every First Coast Church in the target zone adopt a hybrid model (see next paragraph) of community engagement. This model is designed to increase missional engagement significantly and raise the church’s MQ (Missional Quotient).  This hybrid approach has the potential to produce greater geographical saturation of the gospel.

The Hybrid Model

The traditional method of community engagement used in many churches is the large churchwide initiative. This method has been beneficial and produces mission-minded (churches who do large missional projects) . This method alone may fail to produce what many identify as missional churches (a large segment of the church membership living on mission daily). The

hybrid model is designed to enable the church to engage at three levels: church, families, and

individuals. Implementation of this strategy results in the following:

  • It provides a first step into the practice of a daily life on mission for individuals and families
  • It produces a heightened sensitivity to engagement opportunities in the mission field
  • A family missional “greenhouse” is produced as children grow up with life on mission as

       the norm rather than the exception among Christian families

  • A generous sowing of the gospel through increased missional engagement (2 Cor. 9: 6)

How Your Church Can Participate

  • Access your church’s potential and set a goal (process not production) of how many

       touches you desire to produce during the September-December time frame

  • *Register your church on the First Coast Churches portal
  • *Download and distribute the FCC document Sixty Ways to Love and Serve the First Coast
  • *Report your church’s touches on the FCC website
  • Celebrate your church’s obedience, wins, and harvest field stories

Questions? Contact Mike Reed via email ( or text (904.200.1049)